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America, Stand with Israel at the Counter-Rally on June 10, 2007.

Stand With Israel Rally Report - 300 people show their support for Israel!

The Stand With Israel rallies in Washington DC, and in London UK were both resounding successes!

First, the Stand With Israel Rally, Washington, DC

When we started, just 10 days before the rally, we expected 30 people, maybe.

Not 30, but 300 people came to Washington, DC with almost no notice - 300 supporters of Israel from all over the country - California, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, so many states - to join together to counter the lies of the so-called "End the Occupation" rally.

The 300 gathered to stand with Israel and America on the National Mall, to counter the extremist groups who drew less than 1,000 people to the Capitol - far fewer than the 10,000 they had advertised - in spite of A YEAR of planning. A fitting description of the anti-Israel rally here, with video ("Lamest Protest Rally.... Ever")

On our side, our many speakers were eloquent and showed the widest range of groups supporting Israel - copies of many of the speeches are provided below.

After the rallies, our supporters for Israel lined both sides of Maryland avenue to counter the march of the anti-Israel protestors. We stood on the sidewalk, proudly waving the flags of Israel and America.

More You-Tube videos coming all the time - check back...

From Stand With Us:

Photo Gallery:

From the David Project:

From Pamela Hall, United American Committee:
A great set of photos:
And videos:

Speeches (links to speech pdf texts)

Christine Brim, Center for Vigilant Freedom

Kristinn Taylor, Free Republic

James Hutchens, Jerusalem Connection

Pamela Hall, United American Committee

Roz Rothstein, Stand With Us

Michelle Rojas, Stand With Us

Andrew Summey, The David Project

Mort Klein, Zionist Organization of America (statement)

Brigitte Gabriel, American Congress for Truth (statement read by Stephanie Reis)

Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy (statement)

Herbert Zweibon, Americans for a Safe Israel (statement)

David Yerushalmi, Society of Americans for a National Existence (statement)

Lisa Ramaci Vincent (statement)

Desiree Bernstein, 9-11 Families

Harry Baumgarten, Student

Kevin Martin, Project 21

Second - THE UK "DAYENU - STAND WITH ISRAEL" RALLY HELD June 9 in Trafalgar Square, London

Photos here:

From the "Jewish Chronicle," June 15:

"A 150-strong Jewish counter-demonstration was staged nearby by Jews and Christians, stressing Israel’s desire for peace and protesting against anti-Zionism, antisemitism and rocket attacks.

Organiser Jonathan Hoffman said: “We are also saying enough. Enough lies, enough Kassams and enough blinkered attacks on Israel regardless of what is happening elsewhere in the world.”

There was an angry response from one pro-Palestinian demonstrator who was pulled away by police after he gave a Nazi salute....."

Report from "The Jewish News," June 14th:

"A prominent liberal rabbi has called for a mass rally to mark Israel's 60th anniversary next year after the success of a counter demonstration against Saturday's Enough coalition protest in Trafalgar square....

Despite the protest being held on Shabbat, around 150 Jews [and Christians] turned up to hold up a counter demonstrtion on the Strand. Participants claim they saw people the Enough rally performing Nazi salutes and brandishing the flag of the terrorist group Hezbollah.

Rabbi Sidney Brichto, who joined the Dayenu counter-demo, said: "When my friend and I went to the square, we found it relatively empty, totally unlike the numbers we had at the Israel Solidarity Demonstration in 2002, when the Square was packed.

"The marchers seemed rather pathetic and apathetic and appeared only to be moved by our own protests against them. I felt enormous relief that after a year of preparation, our opponents could only muster a few thousand.

"My immediate thought was that the community should immediately plan a march at Trafalgar square to celebrate Israel's 60th birthday...

Dayenu organizer Jonathan Hoffman said: "The Six Day War showed that the Jewish people are no pushover. The Dayenu counter demonstration was created in that tradition."
Report from Jerusalem Post, June 10:

"Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh addressed around 2,000 pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square in central London via satellite on Saturday, who were using the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War to demonstrate against Israel and call for the end of the occupation.

The protest, which had been in the planning stages since the beginning of the year, had hoped to attract some 10,000, however.....

A counter-protest by a group called 'Dayenu!' demonstrated in support of Israel.Organizer Jonathan Hoffman said: "Our group includes Jews, Christians, people of other faiths and indeed of no faith. The one thing we have in common is that we cannot bear the thought of thousands of misinformed and misled marchers on the streets of our capital city with free rein to attack Israel.

"Our name 'Dayenu!' is in response to 'Enough!'. We also say 'Enough!': enough lies, enough Kassams, enough anti-Zionism, enough anti-Semitism, enough boycotts, enough blinkered attacks on Israel regardless of what is happening elsewhere in the world. Israel is prepared to exchange land for a secure peace but also how Israel gave back Gaza, only to be rewarded with Kassam rockets raining down on Sderot."

You CAN make a difference

Come to Washington DC on June 10, and join us in a rally to support Israel's right to peace, security and defensible borders!

View this powerful new video for the June 10 Stand With Israel Rally!

UPDATE 6/07/07 4:00 p.m. : Great news! We have a permit for the rally so we will have a stage and sound system for all our speakers. We'll post the tentative list of speakers shortly - check back daily for updates, because so many groups are gathering from around the country to show their support.
UPDATE 6/08/07 9:00 p.m.: We have a good sturdy stage for speakers, loaned by the wonderful folks at Capital Church in Sterling and a truck to bring it to the rally. The sound systems are being donated by various groups coming from other states - thank you all - Bring your signs and flags - let's send the message loud and clear of our support for Israel and against extremist groups!

Israel's opponents are on the move: On June 10, 2007, to mark the 40th anniversary of Israel's 1967 war of survival, the extremist groups "United for Peace and Justice" and "Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation" will hold what even the liberal magazine Tikkun called a rally for the "dissolution of the State of Israel." The "United for Peace and Justice" coalition includes such radical organizations as the Socialist Party USA, the Young Communists League, Communist Party USA, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

Israel's supporters depend on you: We will gather on the West side of 3rd Street on the Mall, between Madison and Jefferson Drives. This Counter-Rally truly is the product of a few citizens who are deeply outraged that Israel's opponents might have demonstrated in our nation's capitol without any patriotic opposing voices who will tell truth to counter these lies. We must stand up to lies and distortions.

We will have a sound system and a speakers' platform, so we can show our support with our great speakers from so many organizations, our signs, flags, patriotic songs and our own strong voices as individual citizens exercising our right to assemble. We are bringing some signs and flags for you to hold, sponsored by Stand With Us. We encourage you also to make your own signs, but please use the messages listed below or similar ones.

Date: Sunday, June 10

Place: Begin assembling on the west side of 3rd Street on the Mall, between Madison Drive and Jefferson Drive at 1:00 PM. Look for our American and Israeli flags on June 10.


  • The Counter-Rally: The Stand with Israel Counter-Rally begins at 2:00 PM and lasts until 4:00 PM
  • UPDATE: The March: The Anti-Israel March, from the Capitol to the Ellipse, begins at 4:00 PM. The Anti-Israel March route is southwest on Maryland Avenue, then west on Independence Avenue, then north on 15th street, about 1.5 miles.
  • We have a permit for a rally BUT NOT for a march, so here is our plan. We can stand as individuals, along the path of the Anti-Israel March, with our signs and banners to make a powerful visual statement supporting Israel. We plan to stand along the North side of Independence Avenue, and the East side of 15th Street (off the sidewalk so pedestrians can pass). People who want to make this powerful statement supporting Israel will given specific times to start walking, to get in place in advance of the Anti-Israel March. They will stand along these blocks as individuals with our signs and flags:
    • 4th & Independence
    • 7th & Independence
    • 9th & Independence
    • 12th & Independence
    • 14th & independence
    • 15th & Independence
    • 15th & Jefferson
    • 15th & Madison

What to bring: Bring a cell phone, food, water, a hat, and sunscreen. Good weather is forecast, but bring an umbrella if it looks like rain....

Transportation: Don't drive--there is limited public parking on Capitol Hill. Take the metro to either Union Station on the red line or [corrected metro station] Federal Center SW on the orange/blue lines

Stand With Israel Rally
Speakers Agenda

Opening – Desiree Bernstein

Christine Brim, Center for Vigilant Freedom

Kristinn Taylor, Free Republic

James Hutchens, Jerusalem Connection

Pamela Hall, United American Committee

Roz Rothstein, Stand With Us

Michelle Rojas, Stand With Us

Andrew Summey, The David Project

Mort Klein, Zionist Organization of America (statement)

Brigitte Gabriel, American Congress for Truth (statement read by Stephanie Reis)

Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy (statement)

Herbert Zweibon, Americans for a Safe Israel (statement)

David Yerushalmi, Society of Americans for a National Existence (statement)

Lisa Ramali Vincent (statement)

Desiree Bernstein, 9-11 Families

Harry Baumgarten, Student

Kevin Martin, Project 21

Closing – Roz Rothstein, Stand With Us

Bus From New York City: We have confirmed that we will be able to charter a bus from New York to D.C. this Sunday, June 10th. The cost of the bus is $10 for students and $20 for non-students. The pick-up will be in front of the Empire state building at the corner of 34th and 5th at 9:00 a.m. WE WILL LEAVE BY 9:15 THE LATEST SO PLEASE BE ON TIME. The bus has limited seating so please rsvp to Michelle at, to let us know that you will be using the bus as your mode of transportation down to D.C. Furthermore, if you plan on driving please inform Michelle as well if you have any extra room for passengers and/or materials. Don't forget to bring lunch with you...we will most likely be stopping at a mini-mart but in any case, everyone should have something to hold them over. As well as water, a hat, Israeli and American flags if you have them, and most importantly, your love for Israel!

Messages for signs:

  • Israel We Stand With You
  • Suicide Bombing is mass murder
  • Hamas and Hezbollah: Allow the Red Cross to visit the abducted Israeli soldiers
  • Palestinian Terrorists Terrorize Israelis and Palestinians
  • UK, US and Israel Allies Against Terror
  • Free the Palestinians from Hamas
  • HAMAS Stop the Aggression
  • Israel Must Defend Itself
  • Stop the Qassam Rockets
  • Hamas stop terrorizing the children
  • Pick a side: Hamas and Hezbollah or Peace and Freedom
  • Israel seeks a partner for peace
  • Stand for Freedom, Stand for Israel
  • Teaching Children to Hate Will NEVER Lead to Peace!

For more information, please email our volunteer coordinators.



Use them in your conversations about the Arab-I sraeli conflict.

POINT : Israel’s size is 1/6 of 1% of the Arab World.

POINT : Israel has 1,300,000 Israeli -Arab citizens, who are 20% of its population. Israel also officially recognizes and gives privileges to 15 different religions.

POINT : Palestinian Arabs living in the territories are not citizens of Israel.

POINT : There was no Security Fence along the West Bank prior to the relentless violence in 2002, and since it was built, terrorism has dropped by 85%

POINT : Israel wants peace and is willing to make painful compromises by giving away land as it did for peace with Egypt and Jordan. Today it is unilaterally withdrawing from Gaza.

POINT : Where is the money? Arafat was given billions of dollars to improve living conditions for the Palestinians. He did not build schools, roads or hospitals. He did not improve housing or sewage systems. Those billions are missing. Hamas and other terrorist groups continue to misappropriate funds sent by well-meaning organizations like the U.N. and the E.U. Instead of building a Palestinian state these funds are being used to attack Israel. Why?

POINT : Peace Must Be Taught The PA must immediately change the message being taught by its clerics who call for the murder of Jews and by its teachers who deny Israel’s right to exist. PA schoolbooks must promote peace, not hatred.

POINT : The PA Charter Must be Changed. It still calls for the destruction of Israel, just as the Hamas Charter does.

POINT : Israel is a reestablishment of the Jewish State Jews have lived in and identified with this land for thousands of years. The Old Testament, New Testament and Koran all refer to this area as the land of the Jews. Even if one is not religious, these old documents are another way to show that Jews are indigenous to Israel and the surrounding area.

POINT : The Definition of Zionism: If you believe that Jews have a right to self-determination and to their own country in the area that is ancient Israel where they have maintained a presence for thousands of years, then you are a Zionist. Most Jews are Zionists, as are many non-Jews.

Produced by StandWithUs


Jonathan said...

This is truly impressive! As some of you know we are organising a similar counter-demonstration the same weekend in London, England. The "Enough" Coalition of organisations hostile to Israel is marching from Lincolns Inn Fields to Trafalgar Square. Unfortunately it is on Shabbat 9 June which will limit our numbers. But there are still plenty of people who will come. Like you - we are outraged that thousands will be on the streets of our capital city disseminating lies about Israel. We will be there to show the marchers and indeed the world the truth. We are very grateful to "Stand With Us" and the UK's Zionist Federation for their support. We will be using "Stand With Us" fliers. If anyone will be in London and wants to join us please come at 2.30 on Saturday 9 June to the corner of Arundel Street and Strand. You can contact me on If possible, please tell me if you are coming as our Demonstration is registered with the Police and if we have more numbers than I anticipated we may need a bigger site. Shalom - Jonathan

Jonathan said...

Here is what we will be countering in London, England on June 9 .. see my previous post

turtlecurls said...

Thank you for organizing this. I will be there.

I may not be there promptly at 2, so if you move locations after posting it on this site before the rally -- please leave some posted signs behind.

Maybe someone can get a megaphone (I don't have one, but I'll make calls if someone can give me an idea of what businesses to call to buy one), as a substitue for a mic for at least a little talking to give the media something else to report.

Maybe sing songs. It makes rallies more fun. I had a couple people stay with me from NY for a rally who were totally disappointed that it was just speakers. They were hoping for the singing and togetherness they'd experienced at other rallies. DC was "all work and no play" as usual. Jewish songs are so much about peace that it may make good publicity to say so to the media. (I have a BBYO book with all of them translated that I can bring with me.)

Please ask the federation to pass this around.

Thanks again.

Bruce said...

I wish you all well and wish to heck I could be there. I like the song idea. And here's another slogan for signs: "Israel and Opportunities: Things that Palestinians Don't Recognize."

Bruce W.

Dusty said...

Thank you so much for doing this. I've been increasingly frustrated with the lack of an organized response from the pro-Israel community regarding this issue.
I am with a direct action Israel advocacy group in California. We've been putting out brush fires for weeks now.

One of the tactics we've learned is to use the other sides resources to our advantage. From the forest itself comes the handle for the axe. There are low cost and sliding scale buses coming to Washington from all over the East Coast. Lets fill those buses with pro-Israel supporters.

From New York:
Bus Tickets Online:
$35 Round trip
Buses leave Times Square, 42nd St. & Broadway at 8 am
Purchase tickets online:
Or contact: , (347) 683-3918

Buses leave Beit Al-Makdis Center at 6224 - 6th Ave., Bayridge at 6:30am
For tickets, call (347) 446-2088

Just be discrete.

If you check the local East Coast Indymedia centers, they have listings of buses that are going down to Washington.

When Israel is attacked publicly, we need to respond publicly.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Dusty said...

Radio Shack has megaphones for $100- they take c batteries (bring extras to the rally!)
We need to widely publicize this counter-protest.
We need to e-mail east coast pro-Israel bloggers, synagogues, Israel action committees.
I've already e-mailed the Washington area Hillels, and Jewish orgs, but we need more outreach.

MississippiMud said...

Just found about this from American Congress for Truth, email. Will post it. Best of wishes on the rally !


Barbara said...

We have to do much better at countering the awful lies/propaganda used against Jews and anti-extremist proponents of all faiths. Richard Roger's song is accurate, "You have to be Taught" (to hate). I wish that I could be in Washington physically, but I will be there this time in spirit. Many of us would like to know what tangible things we can do to help in getting the proper word out, changing minds, policies and fighting against Muslim extremism--which is threatening the West, the free world and freedom of expression/life.

Anonymous said...

am yisrael chai!

HAMAS advocates GENOCIDE and a new shoah. NEVER AGAIN CHAVERIM

unitacx said...

The correct Metro stop on the Orange/Blue lines is Federal Center; not Capitol South.

The location is between the Federal Center and L'Enfant Plaza stations, on the north side of the Capitol Building. See (Google map of National Museum of the American Indian).

Here is the "Stationmasters" map: map. "Capitol South" is on the opposite side of the Capitol.

- Stan

Anonymous said...

I really hope you guys and gals have a big turnout...I have spent that past few months learning how horrible things have gotten, and with iran getting working on a all need all the support you can get. I pray you have a peacefull and effective rally. I will show up if i can!

Christine said...

From the comments over at Little Green Footballs:

There will be a STAND WITH ISRAEL RALLY in Toronto.

Saturday, June 9 at 10:30. Meet in front of the Israeli Consulate, 180 Bloor Street West.

This is a counter "Israel=Apartheid" rally scheduled at the same time.

All Torontonian Lizards should come out.

I haven't seen a website or URL for this Toronto Canada rally - please post here if you find one.

As you see above, a UK Stand With Israel rally, organized by the amazing Jonathan and Stand With Us and the UK Zionist Federation, will be held June 9 in London.

Anonymous said...

Andrea- not anon

I will be there- and maybe my daughter as well. I was really upset by the remarks made by the head of The Washington Jewish community Council-in Philly's Jewish Exponent about your rally. I wrote to him and told him so.

Rob said...

IMPORTANT POINT that has possibly been overlooked: Sunday, June 10, is also the date of the annual DC Gay Pride Festival, for which Pennsylvania Avenue will be blocked off (and packed with booths, vendors, and festival attendees) between 3rd St. and 7th St., throughout Sunday afternoon.

(I'll bet the Muslim Brotherhood will get a kick out of the Dykes on Bikes...)

Moishe Oofnik said...

I'm sending all the virtual support I can from Europe. It's a bit late for this rally, but I hope there will be other rallies where people can wear "Wherever I stand, I stand with Israel" shirts.

I hope there's a big turnout...

Am Israel Chai

DontDrinkTheTaqiyya said...

Just stumbled upon the news of this event and will try to be there.

Here is a personal explanation of how Israel stands as a representative of personal freedom.

Anonymous said...

Apparently someone is making a difference because the great self-hater of them all, Norman Finkelstein was denied TENURE at DePaul University.


Dusty said...

Can we have a follow up? Photos, maybe?
The mainstream media reported attendence at the anti-Israel rally as "hundreds". The local Washington Indymedia declared "maybe a thousand". The organizers declared victoy and claimed 5,000. Will someone who was there post photos and give us a event report? Please?

CharlesR said...


Not to blow my own horn, but you can see photos of both the pro-Israel and pro-Terrorist rallies at Age of Hooper.